Sylvan Escape - Syllvan Lake NIGHTMARE!!!!!

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I'm posting this add as a warning to all potential vacationers.Do NOT rent from Sylvan Escape!!!

The "luxury" lake house is described by neighbors as a "crack house". My family and I were unable to tolerate the lack a safety (missing smoke detectors, exposed live electrical, missing and unsupported deck railing etc) and the total lack of cleanliness so we left the next day. They have been reported to the BBB numerous times, have Consumer Complaints filed against them with the government of Alberta, and I will be taking them to Civil Court to recover all my funds (yes they failed to return the $500 deposit). They don't respond to emails, and the phone number on the website is not even for their company.

I have their false advertisement ( ) and the actual pictures of the rental.Please learn from me and do not go through the same terrible experience we did.

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we rented from them 3 years ago, and completely agree!!!! we stalked them and threatened to take them to court, Alex khalil is a schyster!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #820671

I was also owed 800$. Did anyone have any luck in small claims court?


I was wondering the location of the premises was the house located at 5036 38 Street


Same here.Stayed at this POS at the end of June.

It was HORRIBLE! It smelled like cat pee. The flooring was half done, the carpets were stained, the yard was a mess.

The only contact I have is the guy who cleans the place and he has strict instructions not to give out Andrew Dayton's phone number.I will be proceeding with legal action.

Morinville, Alberta, Canada #694692

this exact thing happened to us!we stayed in June 2013 for a staggette.

the place was trashed when we arrived. holes in the walls, missing fire detectors, stained carpets, filthy living conditions, ect.... they (Andrew Dayton) has also kept our $500 damage deposit and had promised to give us a 30% discount because of the condition of the cabin when we stayed. we have been emailing and calling him, and he actually told us to *** off and we wont be getting any of our money ($800) we are also taking him to small claims court to get our money back.

I see that the cabin has the entire summer booked solid and I am trying to get the word out so this doesn't happen to more people!

was it Andrew that you were dealing with?maybe if we get together, we can track this scammer down!

to Anonymous #698705

Oh this is terrible...we stayed here at the end of July 2013 and had a similar experience.They had clearly done some upgrades and 'cleaning up' since both of you were there (they had a fire alarm and the flooring appeared to be new), but the house was in terrible condition and the property was horrible.

A complete disaster. We had small children and it was a nightmare. The beds were disgusting...I can't even talk about it. And now the 'property managers' (three of whom we dealt with) are not responding to us and have not returned our $500 damage deposit.

It just makes me sick.

I'd be more than happy to help support your claims to get your $$ back.I hate the idea of anyone else going through what we experienced.

to Anonymous #699520

I have noticed a number of these complaints over the past few years so have taken an interest in this. If you have any information regarding the people you dealt with, phone numbers, email addresses, etc... feel free to email it to:

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